The Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming features a live slot with Fortune’s Wheel, four exciting bonus rounds, and big wins.

    Some players think that the Crazy Time results are manipulated and determined by specific algorithms. Due to this myth, more gambling fans have started following the Crazy Time statistics in real-time.

    In this article, we’ll explain the principles of payouts in this live show and discuss the Crazy Time trackers and their peculiarities.

    crazy time statistics

    Crazy Time Statistics Benefits for Players

    The developer himself provides the Crazy Time statistic, but only the results of 21 previous spins are available. For some people, this is not enough.

    Many fans believe that if there’ve been no wins for a long time, it won’t be long before huge wins. If you think the same way, you may find tracking stats Crazy Time very useful.

    Some fans use the Crazy Time stats to determine how long additional games like Coin Flip have been popping up. For example, if they see that Coin Flip has four cells on the field and an 8.54% dropout rate, it means that at least once every 11 spins, the wheel will stop on this additional game.

    You can find Crazy Time stats on specialized sites and social media.

    crazy time stats

    Crazy Time Trackers

    Crazy Time stats are not very useful, and if you base your strategy only on trackers, you can fail dramatically.

    Let’s say a player is convinced that the slot machine stats work perfectly and that employing it in the gameplay can bring solid winnings. In this case, the player will quickly increase the bet size, expecting to get a reward game soon. As a result, the gambler begins to invest funds too quickly, but the chances of getting the reward remain the same.

    Instead, you can divide your balance into small amounts and bet on your desired multiplier during each spin. Many gamblers consider this play strategy without using a tracker ineffective, but if you think of the principle of wheel spinning, it’s more rewarding.

    Crazy Time statistics are updated 24/7, showing up-to-date session records. The table shows how accurate the numbers specified by the provider are and how often certain reward games and numbers can drop out. But it’s just one of many tools that are used to track the outcomes.

    Best Multipliers and Biggest Wins

    Other approaches can be used to monitor the slot results.

    • History of wins per day
    • Number of maximum sequential free spins
    • The entire spin record for a certain period
    • Average earnings per round

    And others.

    Many live Crazy Time trackers are out there, and many players abuse their applications. However, there are still certain benefits of those. When gambling newcomers start playing, they tend to get as much info about the chosen title as possible. By checking the Crazy Time live stats for today, you can develop a particular opinion on how often a user will be winning when betting on additional games.

    Based on the data analysis, you can set a budget for each session and even the optimal bet amount. In this way, they help to develop a more rational approach. They also allow you to create a slot strategy: after making calculations, you don’t have to run the show to check if specific tactics work. Just check the data and test a particular theory.

    Other, more effective techniques can increase winning chances. These include various mathematical strategies developed by professional gamblers. Two major strategies can be distinguished among them.

    • Place four identical bets on different numbers and double bet on 1
    • Make four identical bets on reward games and double bet on Coin Flip

    It’s worth experimenting with these strategies to determine which works best for you. When you figure this out, your earnings will increase even without using wheel stats. Even more strategy options can be found on specialized forums and thematic websites.

    Where do you play Crazy Time? This title is featured in most of the online casinos. However, you should be careful when choosing a gambling site, as it’s crucial to ensure that it’s reliable and safe. You should evaluate your favorite gambling website on several parameters, the main ones being the following.

    • Valid license from a reliable regulator
    • Reasonable reward program
    • Round-the-clock technical support
    • Convenient payment methods

    crazy time tracker