Crazy Time is a popular live game based on the Wheel of Fortune. This slot is available in almost every online casino.

    No Crazy Time tactic works 100% since winnings are random and depend on luck. However, if you understand in detail slot’s rules and features, you can start winning money even if you’re a beginner.

    In this article, we’ll take a look at how to play this slot machine and how to win at Crazy Time.

    Let’s list the main advantages and disadvantages of this game.

    Pros Cons
    • Dynamic, addictive gameplay
    • Professional dealers
    • 4 bonus mini-games
    • You can play on any device
    • A large number of bets
    • Quite complex rules for beginners
    • No demo mode

    crazy time win

    Crazy Time Game Rules

    How to play the Crazy Time slot? Let’s list the main points and rules.

    • The wheel drum is divided into sectors. Some represent multipliers (x1, x2, x5, x10), and others represent mini-games (Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time)
    • The player can bet on one, several, or all cells. You can adjust the bet for each cell separately. There are more cells with multipliers compared to bonus cells, so cells with multipliers appear much more often
    • The dealer accepts bets from all participants and then starts the wheel spinning. At the same time, the video slot begins to spin, possibly increasing winnings by adding a multiplier to one random cell: a number or a bonus game if they match
    • When the wheel stops, real money is awarded to those players who guessed the cells

    The return to player rate varies significantly depending on the player’s bet. It can reach 99% during prolonged sessions but is about 95.5% on average. The volatility indicator is impossible to measure since it depends on the playing style.

    There’s no jackpot in the game, but the maximum win can reach x20,000 of the best in the bonus game, and in cash equivalent, this is £500,000.

    Crazy Time strategy

    Crazy Time Slot Winnings

    To play and receive winnings at Crazy Time, you must register at the selected online casino and deposit funds into your game balance. You should choose the online casino carefully and consider its license, bonus system, and other features. Next, you should find the game by name in the catalog on the site and launch it. You can use the same strategies for Crazy Time as for other slots.

    The Top Slot feature helps you increase your winnings in the slot machine: 2 reels are located at the top of the wheel. The first reel has space for betting on a number or a bonus round, and the second has a multiplier of up to x50. It’s applied to the relevant cell and increases the winning amount or multipliers in any bonus rounds.

    To build the correct winning Crazy Time strategy, you need to understand the game’s rules and features. Let’s figure out what bonus rounds are.

    • Coin Flip. A machine tosses a coin with red and blue sides. A random multiplier is set for each side, and whichever side faces up provides a win
    • Cash Hunt. 108 random multipliers appear on the screen, covered with random symbols. The player chooses the symbol with the maximum multiplier (in his opinion). Players select different targets to shoot at and win various prizes
    • Pachinko. The puck hits the wall, landing on either a multiplier or a doubling of the multiplier. The maximum multiplier is up to 10,000
    • Crazy Time. The main highlight of the game. The player enters a virtual world through the red door with a large money wheel. He chooses a blue, green, or yellow arrow and wins whatever multiplier it points to. In this round, you can double or triple your winnings. Then the wheel spins again, and the participant can receive up to x20,000

    Wheel Crazy Time

    Crazy Time Strategies

    Success in Crazy Time, like in any other live game, is based on luck. You can choose and use any gambling strategy, but the results of the rounds will still be random.

    How to win at Crazy Time? Since there’s no 100% winning strategy, it’s recommended that you follow the principles of responsible gambling.

    • Choose safe casinos operating under a license from a reliable regulator
    • Use the casino bonuses wisely
    • Carefully study Crazy Time rules and features
    • Set a budget limit for how much you can afford to spend in the game
    • Set goals for your gaming session and follow the plan
    • Don’t think about gambling as a method of earning money. Perceive it as a fun hobby

    Gameplay Crazy Time